Open Broadcaster Software Bit Rate Settings For 1080p >>>

Remember, do not exceed 3,500kbps. The log files showyou a lot of helpful information about your recordings. Recording high quality videos with Open Broadcaster Software. Diving into OBS settings for Twitch TV Under the general tab the first thing Im going to do is set up a general profile. Example Stream Key Next, the test duration option will allow us to choose a time to test for. In this tutorial Illguide you through how to make the right choices for your Twitch channel. I prefer to leave mine on 1920 x 1080, or 1080p, as this is the best OBS Studio settings for me, for a few reasons. The Studio Mode and other keys well discuss at another time. Make sure to hit apply and lets move on. You can try it out and see for yourself,it may be what you're after if your goal is to edit the video in a video editing software rather than upload it directly to Youtube.

True, but you don't see such a bit difference and much people can't watch the stream :( (I've tried streaming in 1080p, but 720p works better.. If you select these, Ill show you how to set up their hotkeys in just a bit. Click the Get Key link and it will open your Twitch Dashboard if youre already logged in, if not log in. The Output Tab The output settings are also very important. We are going to leave Use Custom Buffer Size unchecked.

The best option is not always the closest server to you, which is why I use this program. The automatically reconnect option will tell OBS Studio what to do in the case that we disconnect from the Twitch server. Now that we have OBS open, lets go ahead and open the settings panel. Hit apply to save. Although the Custom x264 Encoder Settings is the only important setting in this tab there are other settings you should experiment with. The same goes for Quick Sync Encoder and Browser Tab, these are advanced features. It couldn't be simpler. Second, the easiest way to figure this number out is by going to something like SpeedTest.netand testing your upload speed. 55a97c10fc
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